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Monday Market Update

The numbers are in for Ellis County, and the market is still hot! For more information on how this information affects you if you are buying or selling contact us today!

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Getting Ready to Sell your Home

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home Staging helps you make a good first impression with buyers, emphasizing your property’s positive aspects and allowing buyers to see themselves living there. But staging isn’t as simple as you may think. S...

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Oh the Joys of Remodeling

Oh yes the Joys of Remodeling Recently my husband gifted me with a new kitchen!  How exciting right? It was! I am not going to tell you that we didn't experience headaches because we did.  The biggest headache was not able to use my ...

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‘Tis the Season for Showings

December 3, 2019 Just because it’s chilly in much of the U.S. does not mean buyers need to put their house hunt on hold for the holidays. With days off work coming, some shoppers may even increase their tours. That means home sellers nee...

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Honey, It’s time for a bigger house!

Honey, It's time for a bigger house Have you found yourself running out of room? Give us a call there are new homes on the market everyday and we can help. #needabiggerhouse #realestate #realtor #sellingelliscounty #one10realtygroup ...

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Maintenance tips for the holidays:

This time of year can be very unpredictable with freezing temperatures in the morning and summer temperatures in the afternoon. I saw a cartoon the other day that summed it up nicely, “Dear Mother Nature, thank you for sending a sample of...

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Make a Great First Impression

The Real Estate Market is hot and sellers need every edge possible to beat out the competition, that is why it is important to Make a Great First Impression Buyers in this market are picky, make fast decisions, and they don't want to see a ...

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Have you found yourself with an Empty Nest?

Have you found yourself with an Empty Nest? We have! So many times the family home has become an empty nest, the question becomes okay now what? Families tend to enjoy living in a large home with a big yard, a neighborhood where ther...

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Perfect House Hunting Weather

Planning on looking for a #house this weekend? Planning on putting your house on the #market? You could not ask for more PERFECT weather. The forecast is great for #househunting. We are available to help with all of your #realestate ...

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